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About Muaythaifocus


Thank you for visiting Muaythaifocus, my name is Rob Cox and I’m originally from London and been based in Thailand for the last 10 years. I’ve had an ongoing love affair with the sport of Muaythai for 25 years now, which shows no sign of waning, much to the disdain of my other half.

I had an underwhelming stint as an actual fighter, before deciding about 8 years ago I preferred taking photos and writing about people kicking and punching each other, than actually getting kicked and punched myself.

Muaythaifocus.com aims to take you into the heart of the Thailand fight scene, from news of up coming events to interviews and profiles of some of the top names in the sport and much more.

For those fighters based in Thailand performing in the Bangkok area and stadiums, looking for a professional photo services of their fights we can arrange that for you also.

For any more information, to ask about advertising on muaythaifocus.com or looking for photographic coverage of your fights in Bangkok I can be contacted at muaythaifocus at yahoo dot com