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New Muay Thai gym opens in Phuket! Sumalee Boxing Gym!

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#1 Guest_8limbs_*

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Posted 18 February 2012 - 06:52 AM

Hi everybody,

Just wanted to share a little gem of a Gym i stayed at in Phuket early this year- Sumalee Boxing Gym

Last year i was thinking of taking a second trip to Thailand to train Muay Thai. I went 2 years ago but had some bad experiences with a couple of the gyms around Phuket. Often i found the accomodation to be far below the standards i would expect. The gyms were quite dirty and surrounded by girly bars which wouldn't shut until 3-5am, i don't know about you but after a hard days training the one thing i want is a decent nights sleep. Sometimes i would also find myself drawn out to drinking in the bars because i thought "I'm not going to get any sleep anyway, might as well get drunk!"

The training itself left something to be desired a lot of the time. Because of the high number of Farang (foreign) visitors constantly training, i felt like i was usually training myself! Getting little or no advise from the trainers because they had 30+ people to try and pad for or because they were concentrating all their time on their latest 'star' fighter was extremeley frustrating. Overall it left a very bad taste in my mouth.

When i asked my friend who was an experienced fighter in and out of Thailand, he said he knew the managers of a new Gym English, and Thai, who were taking a different approach and that i should try it out.

After checking out their website which was informative and well written i decided to get in touch. The response was swift and answered all of my questions, even though i had quite a lot! I decided to book a 2 week stay in their on-site accomodation and i was not dissapointed when i arrived.

When i touched down at Phuket International Airport i was greeted by the manager and her daughter waiting for me, just what you want to see after a 14 hour flight! I was taken straight to the gym which did not dissapoint. The site itself is slightly off the beaten track, away from other gyms and all manner of distractions. The gym itself was a month old when i arrived and all the equipment was nice and new. Behind the gym is the kitchen where continental breakfasts are prepared for the guests every morning at a reasonable cost and a covered dining area. Behind that, my eyes lit up! A reasonably sized swimming pool with sun loungers! After a quick tour i was taken to the accomodation which again, was excellent. The rooms are set a good distance away from the gym so you are not woken by the morning training session. There is a choice of single or double rooms with all the mod cons of most 4 star hotels! DVD player, HD TV, fridge, hot showers. There is even a small guest cooking area behind the accomodation. A life saver for those sticking to a budget. Shops, Restaraunts and beautiful beaches were all within driving distance and Patong, Phuket town and local bars and clubs were not too far away, if ever i felt i needed some downtime on a Saturday night.

In the following 2 weeks i felt right at home, the Thai Head trainer and manager Oron (Fighting name 'Deachkalon Sumalee') is a great character. Through his fight history of over 200 fights in Thailand and around the world i really felt like i was progressing. With the help of the other 2 Thai trainers Peng and Pot, both established fighters and trainers my regime of 2, 2 hour sessions every day were enjoyable and a great work out. I enjoyed it so much that i decided to stay another 2 weeks and didn't regret it for a second.

Check out their website www.sumaleeboxinggym.com to check it out for yourself.

Peace! :P


#2 Guest_the celt_*

Guest_the celt_*
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Posted 19 February 2012 - 03:06 PM

Thats reas like a sales pitch to me, not a testamonial haha nice read.

#3 Guest_8limbs_*

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Posted 21 February 2012 - 02:58 AM

Thanks dude, i can't help it if i can write well haha. Just trying to support a new gym!

#4 Guest_nick cerciello_*

Guest_nick cerciello_*
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Posted 12 June 2012 - 03:29 PM


Did Fairtex in Pattaya close? My contact has moved on and im getting conflicting info. BTW, is the camp at Phuket a Fairtex owned faciltiy?


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