Heavy hitters ready for 30th

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Before last nights Kiatpet promotions show at Lumpini, the promoter Mr Pirapong Thiradetpong sat down with several of the sports big players to hatch out plans to put on a special event on the 30th of September.

The five gyms comprised of Jitmuangnon, PKSaenchaimuaythai, Pranchai, Kiatjaroenchai and Darppangnakonbarn and all agreed to make a special shot with big bets riding on every fight, with the seven main fights having a total of no less than 10 million baht riding on them. These gyms are amongst the most serious players when it comes to big side bets on fights and there is a strong likelihood that the final total will be well over 10 million. All that remains is to work out the fight card and the amounts of the bets for each fight.

The fights with big bets on always tend to up the excitement level and the show will be sure to draw in a big crowd.

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