Kiatpet promotions 3-2-2015

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Kiatpet promotions put together their first big show of the year for the 3rd of February at Lumpini stadium. The card is packed full of their big name fighters and features a special, high stakes fight between a current Lumpini promoter and a former Ratchadamnern promoter, with a strong line up already, this fight will most likely draw in a big crowd due to the curiosity factor.

1: Priewpark Yodasawintransport vs Koko Paeminburi 106 lbs

2: Sing Pranchai vs Kamponlek PKSaenchaimuaythai gym 116 lbs

3: Chokpreecha Sitnayoktaweeptapong vs Thanuthong Kiatjaroenchai 117 lbs

4: Ponakrit Kor Kampanart vs Pompurn Por Aowtaleebangsen 117 lbs

5: Chaisiri Sakniranrat vs Purnkon Leknakonsri 115 lbs

6: Wanchalong PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Jomhod Sakami 115 lbs

7: Yodwanpadet Sor Junlasen vs Thanai Toy Sakami 147-152 lbs a 3 round fight between former Ratchadamnern promoter Yodwanpadet Suwanwichit and Mr Somboon Nirutimethi the promoter of Eminent air promotions, who is using his nickname Thanai Toy for the fight. The fight will be under special rules, with Yodwanpadet a former multiple Ratchadamnern and Lumpini champion giving Thanai Toy a 5 lb weight advantage and on top of that is only allowed to punch and cannot use any other Muaythai weapons. Thanai Toy will be able to use the full Muaythai arsenal of weapons. The fight has a huge 4 million baht side bet on the fight and both fighters put up a 400,000 baht guarantee that if either pull out before the fight the opponent gets to keep the lot.

8: Muangthai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Panpet Kiatjaroenchai 132 lbs

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