King fighter tournament


many will already know of the incredible looking four man tournament set to grace the opening night of the Official opening of the new Lumpini stadium. Known as the King fighter tournament and the brainchild of Petwiset promoter Nattadet Wachiraratanawong. It is just the start of some ambitious plans for 2014.

Nattadet son of the legendary Lumpini promoter Wirat Wachiraratanawong of Petyindee promotions, has big plans for Muaythai and is working hard to elevate the sport to new levels. Realizing their is a renewed interest in the sport through other new promotions working more towards an entertainment concept, Nattadet wants to move away from the Thai’s vs overseas promotions and attempt to elevate the recognition of the very best Thai fighters, pitching them against each other, showcasing the art at its highest level, but also moving away from the strictly for gambling idea and introducing the sport to a younger and different market. The first tournament is a start with four of the very best 124 lb fighters facing off. Sam-A Gaiyanghaadao, Saengmanee Sor Tienpho, Superlek Wor Sangprapai and Superbank Mor Ratonabandit, with 300,000 baht on the line for the winner. There are plans for 4 more tournament s after this at different places throughout Thailand, all televised live and all with the best up coming 124 lb fighters. The first four tournament winners will go into a grand final late in the year to decide the ultimate champion with a much larger prize probably around 1 million baht.

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