Lumpini birthday show report

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The 9th of December saw the annual Lumpini birthday show take place for the first time at the new stadium on Ram Intra road. The final installment of the Lumpini champions Kriekkrai shows was put together by Kiatpet promotions and featured several fighters from Ratchadamnern stadiums top promotions team Onesongchai promotions. There were 5 of the stadiums titles on the line. The event drew in one of the crowds of the year, taking 3.2 million baht at the gate.

Saenpayak Por Jaroenpaet vs Ronachai Santiubon

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This fight was for the vacant stadium Mini-flyweight title. Originally held by Ongri Sor Dechapan. Ongri was originally due to defend against Ronachai, but had to pull out sick and the title was vacated. In the opening three rounds Ronachai used his superior height to control the ring and outscore Saenpayak with sharp knees and kicks. Saenpayak came back well in the fourth, showing his experience as he off balanced Ronachai and got back at Ronachai’s lead. The exertions of round four proved too much for Saenpayak though as he gassed mid way through the final round and Ronachai surged ahead taking the win and title at the end.

Banlangngern Por Pinapat vs Prajanbarn Wisutjaroenyon

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For the first three rounds Banangngern struggled to get close to Prajanbarn, with blood streaming from his nose Banlangngern looked like he couldn’t get into a rhythm and Prakaajanbarn had no trouble controlling the ring. In round four Banlangngern started to catch Prajanbarn with some sharp kicks and Prajanbarn left it a little late to come back at him. Banlangngern surged ahead in the final round, taking the fight on points.

Sprinter Pangkongprarp vs Chaisiri Sakniranrat

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This fight was a step up in class for Sprinter, against the former Ratchadamnern and Lumpini champion Chaisiri. The fight went right to the wire with both trading sharp punches and kicks. Sprinter snatched victory away from Chaisiri with literally the last shot of the fight, as he landed with a fast high kick right on the bell to end the fight.

Wanchalong PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Kengklar Por Pekko

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This was fight number 5 between the two, with 2 wins each in previous encounters. Wanchalong’s Lumpini Super-flyweight title was on the line, as well as a side bet between the two camps of 1 million baht. Kengklar fought the perfect counter game in the early rounds, picking of Wanchalong whenever he came forward, with sharp coiunters. in the fourth Wanchalong came back strong after catching Kengklar with a hard straight to the body followed by a barrage of hard knees. In the final round Wanchalong tried to get forward again, but ran out of steam mid round and Kengklar stayed ahead, taking Wanchalong’s belt at the end.

Prajantchai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Panpayak Jitmuangnon

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The last time these tow fought Prajantchai won on points taking Panpayak’s Lumpini Bantamweight title from him. That time Panpayak had to boil down to 116 lbs, giving Prajantchai a 1 lb weight advantage as well. This time both weighed in at 117.5 lbs and Panpayak looked in control throughout, as he picked off Prajantchai with sharp left kicks and controlled the clinch, smothering Prajantchai’s attacks. Prajantchai was forced to go looking for knockdown’s in the fourth and managed to tag Panpayak with a few sharp shots, but never managed much more than getting the crowd excited and Panpayak regained his title at the finish.

Muangthai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Penek Sitnumnoi

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Muangthai becoming the latest fighter to join the PKSaenchai…. dynasty put on an explosive, back and forth battle with former Sportswriters of Thailand boxer of the year winner Penek. Both traded hard knees and elbows throughout the five rounds, but Penek faded in the final round allowing Muangthai to take the win. The lack of Main stadium action for Penek in a while possibly a factor.

Superbank Mor Ratonabandit vs Thaksinlek Kiatniwat

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This fight saw Superbank defend his Lumpini Featherweight title in the fourth encounter between them. This fight was the clearest cut of all their fights so far with Superbank controlling the action in the third, catching a few of Thaksinlek’s kicks and dumping him down to the canvas a few times. Once Superbank held the lead Thaksinlek never managed to trouble him again, forced to come forward Thaksinlek couldnt get past Superbank’s defense and Superbank took a clear win at the end.

Pakon PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Panpet Kiatjaroenchai

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The main event saw pakon defend his Lumpini Lightweight title, in an entertaining battle. Pakon looked the stronger of the two from the opening bell as he attacked Panpet with solid punches and knees. Panpet came back strongly in the middle of the fight, with some determined knee attacks, but Pakon surged ahead in the fourth, spinning Panpet off balance at the end of the round to take a comfortable lead into the fifth. Panpet came out punching in the last round, but never troubled Pakon who defended his title in style.

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Muangthai and Penek were awarded the fight of the night trophy’s, with Panpayak getting the trophy for fighter of the night.

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