Lumpini Champions Kriekkrai preview

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Just a few days left now before one of the shows of the year at Lumpini stadium, on the 5th of September. The line up looks set now, with 6 stadium titles on the line and hopefully wont be any last minute pull outs here we will preview the fights that were voted for by the fans, with several of the match-ups featuring fighters from rival promotions, that normally wouldn’t stand much chance of fighting each other.

1: Wanpichit Minayothin vs Ongri Sor Dechapan 105 lbs. This fight is for the vacant Lumpini Mini-flyweight title. Originally Wanpichit was due to face Rit Jitmuangnon, but after Rit lost to Ongri in a fight for the vacant Ratchadamnern belt, Ongri got the chance to become holder of both main stadium titles at the same time. A clash of styles with Wanpichit known for his aggressive hard punching, strong low kicking style, with Ongri known for his explosive knees.

2: Pichitchai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Jomhod Sakami 116-115 lbs. No title on the line in this fight, between two solid hitters, Pichitchai with a more textbook aggressive punchers style, Jomhod more of a crafty technician, but with K.O power in his hands. Jomhod the more experienced of the two has to give Pichitchai a one pound weight advantage at the weigh in.

3: Denpanom Rongriankilarkhorat vs Sittisak Petpayathai 133 lbs. Another non title fight, between the more technical Denpanom and Sittisak who is more of a clinch and knee style fighter.

4: Wanchalong PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Chaisiri Sakniranrat 115 lbs. For Wanchalong’s Lumpini Super-flyweight belt. The very experienced Wanchalong facing a tough test against the stylish Chaisiri. This could see another fighter holding both main stadium belts at the same time after Chaisiri won the Ratchadamnern title not too long ago.

5: Saensatharn Sor Suradet vs Singdam Kiatmuu 9 139 lbs. This fight for Saensatharn’s Lumpini super-lightweight title. Saensatharn having a probable size advantage and on good form after beating Chamuekthong Sor Yupinda for the belt and then Petboonchu FA Group. Singdam a different style though and will depend on how Saensatharn deals with Singdam’s feared right kick.

6: Panpayak Jitmuangnon vs Prajantchai PKSaenchaimuaythai 116-117 lbs. For Panpayak’s Lumpini Bantamweight title. A tough test for Prajantchai against the taller stylish Panpayak.

7: Pakon PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Sagetdao Petpayathai 133 lbs. For Pakon’s Lumpini lightweight title. A potential war between two strong walk forward fighters, both very strong in the clinch.

8: Superbank Mor Ratonabandit vs Thaksinlek Kiatniwat 125 lbs. for Superbank’s Lumpini Featherweight title. the hottest fight of the moment between two very slick, technical, counter fighters. Thaksinlek the man of the moment after some big wins. Whoever can make their opponent need to come forward and chase the fight will be in control in a classic style match up.

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