Muaythai Warriors in Macau 9th December.

Coming a month after their upcoming show in Cambodia, Muaythai Warriors have put together another solid card for Macau on the 9th of December

The show features several big names and the main fight the third match between Saenchai PkSaenchaimuaythai and England’s Liam Harrison

1: Michael Kiatbusaba vs Teng Sii Chi (China)

2: For Muaythai Warriors Lightweight title

See-Oui Sor Sunantachai vs Stephen Meleady (Ireland)

3: For Muaythai Warriors Super-welterweight title

Bovy Sor Udomson vs Andy Thrasher (England)

4: For WPMF Welterweight title

Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Liam Harrison (England)

5: ‘The Alien’ Lakhai Or Boonchuay vs Edu Lafante (Spain)

6: Thanwalek Kilasport vs Leo Monteiro (Brazil)

7: Chusuan Sor Sommai vs Arturo Lin (Spain)

8: Pettarud Kwaithong gym vs ben (Australia)


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  1. pac4life says:

    thx for the news, will definitely go to this event!!! May I ask if there’s any official website about this event??? Coz I cant find much related to the ticket purchasing matter of this event!

  2. pac4life says:

    thx a million!

  3. pac4life says:

    Any news regarding to this event, rob? thx!