Onesongchai charity supershow

Onesongchai promotions drew in one of the biggest crowds of the year at Ratchadamnern on the 11th of October in a charity event. The card was hit a little by pull outs, common during the rainy season, but they still managed to keep a strong line up right from the opening bout.

Onesongchai promotions under the guiding hand of Songchai Ratanasuban, have long been the promotion with the most creditability amongst the Thai fans and it showed again with a large crowd turning out to support the show.

The opening bout saw Prajantchai Por Petnamthong, one of the hottest names coming through right now, up against another rising star Densiam Ekbangsai. The fight itself was one for the purists, 5 rounds of classic Muaythai, with both trading sharp kicks throughout. Densiam held the edge in speed and timing, catching Prajantchai with several razor sharp counter kicks. It was Prajantchai’s strength and aggression that was the difference between the two though and he gradually wore down Densiam with strong, bursts of shots and took the decision at the end.

Prajantchai vs Densiam

Next up was another young fighter currently on a hot streak of wins, making a big name for himself Saengmanee Sor Tienpho up against Kusakonnoi Rachanon. Kusakonnoi came into the fight on the back of some good wins, but it was clear from the start it would be tough for him to deal with the height of Sangmanee. Kusakonnoi managed to keep in contention for most of the fight with some determined clinching, but towards the end of the 4th a fast push kick seemed to take the wind and desire to fight away from him. Saengmanee cruised through the final round to take a clear win.

Yodthongthai Por Telakun faced PetU-thong Or Kwanmuang next and the fight was a battle of brains more than brawn, with both trying to out wit each other with sharp counter shots. PetU-thong looked the slicker of the two for most of the fight and took the lead going into the final round. Yodthongthai switched game plan and came on the offensive landing with several big knees and backing up PetU-thong for most of the round. At the end though the judges couldn’t seperate them, calling the fight a draw.

Songchai Ratanasuban’s reputation in the Muaythai world as a match maker is second to none and one of the main reasons his shows are so popular, but sometimes outside influences can hamper even the best laid plans and Thailand’s rainy season pushes most promotions to the limit, with fighters getting sick and unable to make weight, last minute pull outs are a sign of the season. Panpet Jaotaleythong’s original opponent pulled out with just days to go and Jomthong Chuwattana was drafted in as a replacement. It meant a bigger name was added to the card, but for Panpet it was a step up too far. Jomthong controlled the fight from the opening bell, picking off Panpet with sharp punches and some fierce left body kicks that stopped Panpet in his tracks. Panpet tried to make a fight of it, but at the end of five rounds lost a clear decision.

Singthongnoi Por Telakun was another fighter with a new opponent after his original opponent Saeksan Or Kwanmuang had still not recovered sufficiently from his recent war with Kongsak Sitboonmee. Yokwithaya Petseemuan was drafted in instead and put up a strong fight against the aggressive veteran. Both fighters are known for their strong clinch and knee game and put o a battle for the full five rounds. Ultimately it was Singthongnoi’s aggression and work rate that saw him get his arm raised at the end.

Pakon Barnpeeumruanpeetong faced Mongkolchai Petsuphapaan next and most saw the outcome likely to be another win for Pakon after his dominant win in their last encounter, scoring a knockdown on the way to that win. This time Mogkolchai fought the pefect fight, engaging Pakon with solid kicks and punches, but keeping him at range and not staying in the same spot long enough to get caught. In round three Mongkolchai looked like he wobbled Pakon with a hard straight punch, but the bell sounded to end the round before Mongkolchai could follow up. This sparked Pakon to life, but Mongkolchai always had an answer and picked him off with explosive kicks and knees to take a comfortable points win at the end.

Pakon vs Mongkolchai

The main event pitched the 2010 Sportswriters of Thailand boxer of the year up against one of the sports hottest young talents and a contender for last years award Yodwicha Por Boonsit. Kongsak came into the fight on the back of a thrilling win over Saeksan Or Kwanmuang, with Yodwicha coming in after getting a draw against Pakon. Yodwicha comes into most fights holding a good height advantage over his opponents and it was no different against the stocky Kongsak. What Kongsak brongs to the ring is a smart boxing brain and one of the fiercest left kicks in the sport. For five rounds Yodwicha tried to over power Kongsak with relentless knee attacks, but throughout the fight Kongsak’s heavy left kick found its target. Yodwicha pushed him all the way to the last minute of the final round, but a few more heavy kicks and a solid punch from Kongsak put the fight out of Yodwicha’s reach and Kongsak took the decision.

Kongsak vs Yodwicha

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