Onesongchai Kings birthday show 5th December

The time has come again for the annual Kings birthday show and once again Thailand’s legendary promoter Songchai Ratanasuban has put together the card to celebrate his Majesty the King of Thailand’s birthday at Sanam Luang in front of the Grand palace.

The show as usual has an international flavor with fighters from around the world competing for several titles. The show will be broadcast live on TV GMM-SPORT channel from 2010-2230

The press conference was attended by several prooters from overseas and a foreign Muaythai legend in Dutch superstar Ramon Dekkers. Songchai was responsible for bringing Ramon to Thailand many years ago and promoted all his legendary fights. Songchai expressed a desire to promote Ramon again in a superfight between him and Somrak Khamsin, but with Ramon weighing 85 kilos now that may be little more than a dream.

There are a few female international boxing fights before the traditional candle ceremony to pay respects to his Majesty the King of Thailand at 1919 hrs

The main fights start with several Thailand vs Italy bouts:

1. Farsodsai Chiangmaipasotsai vs Andrea Serra 140 lbs

2. Thepparat Sitsophon vs Gery Bavetta 126lbs

3. Kongnakornbarn Sor Kitrungrot vs Mauro Serra for 140 lbs SI title

4. Farputthai Chiangmaipahuyut vs Luca Genovesse 126 lbs

next sees more fighters from around the world involved with:

5. Loma Sitjaatou vs Denise Mellor (England) for the female S1 100 lbs title

6. Petek Sitjedaeng vs Gaylord Montier (France) for the 118 lbs S1 Title

7. Farseethong Sitso-ung vs Allesia D’Addario (Italy) for the female S1 140 lbs title

8. Nonggift Or Onechert vs Sally McCarthy (England) 53.5 kilos

9. Annis Dometiou (Greece) vs Adam Fenech (Australia)

10. Wen Je Soong (China) vs Andrea Valeriano (Italy)

11. Petpairin Sakrungruang vs Sara Donghi (Italy)



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