Pet wisest promotions shine on debut


Petwiset, or ‘wonderful diamond’ promotions, got off to flying start on their debut night on the 7th of February, with a sell out crowd, taking over 3 million baht at the turnstiles. The massive crowd came to see a star studded line up of filters and see if olympic hero Somrak Khamsing could avenge his loss on the Lumpini birthday show to fellow veteran Jomhod Kiatadisak.

Petwiset promotions is headed by Nattadet Wachirarattanawong, son of legendary Lumpini promoter Wirat Wachirarattanawong. Nattadet has honed his promotions skills working as part of his fathers promotions team Petyindee boxing promotions and said before it was only a matter of time before he became a full time promoter. When first introduced to the Ratchadamnern crowd as a new promoter a few weeks before, Nattadet recalled when he was school at the age of 7 and his teacher asked the class what they wanted to do when older, he answered without any doubt then ‘I want to be a boxing promoter!’

The show started with a bang with hard hitting veteran Pornsaneh Sitmonchai, disposing of Yokwithaya Petseemuan in the second round, following two vicious low kicks. Yokwithaya looked a little like a rabbit in a cars headlights from the opening bell and it looked only a matter of when rather than if Pornsaneh would finish the fight inside the distance.



Next up saw a close, technical fight between Tingthong Chor Koiyuuhaisuzu and Nongbia Chokngarmwong. Both fighters tried to out wit each other with slick counter shots throughout, but Tingthong took a slight lead going into the final round. Nongbia pushed forward looking to turn e fit around, but in the dying seconds of the fight, mistimed a kick and lost his balance. Tingthong landed with a solid kick across his back which put the fight beyond doubt and saw Tingthong take the decision.


Thong PuiD9D called on all his years of experience next, against the tall, rangy Petmorakot Wor Sangprapai. Thong looked too slick and crafty in the early stages and managed to soak up Petmorakot’s attacks, but in the final round Petmorakot’s height and youth proved too much, as he cut and stunned Thong with a hard elbow and followed in with a barrage of knees that saw him take the decision.


Next up saw Nong-O Gaiyanghaadao gym take on Mongkolchai Petsuphapaan. This fight was the low point of the night, with Mongkolchai putting in such a poor performance the referee stepped in to stop the fight in the final round, awarding the fight to Nong-O. The crowd were restless from round two onwards with the fight looking like little more than a sparring session early on. Nong-O did enough to clearly win, but it was Mongkolchai who drew the war of the crowd, with them shouting for him to get sent from the ring from the third onwards. Mongkolchai was most likely fortunate that it was such a big show and the debut for the promoter, as on a regular night there is a good chance he would have got disqualified.


Next saw Sam-A Gaiyanghaadao gym continue his rivalry with the fierce clinch machine Pokaew Fonjaengchonburi. This time Pokaew took the fight to Sam-A right from the opening round, spinning him off balance a few times to the canvas and dominating the early exchanges. Sam-A took a while to get going and by the end of the fourth round Pokaew had a fairly strong lead. Pokaew looked to defend the ring and his lead in the final round, but Sam-A had other ideas, pushing forward constantly and scoring with some solid body kicks. Pokaew could have kept ahead with a few more counters , but by the end had let his lead slip considerably. Te judges at ringside scored the fight a majority draw, with one scoring the fight to Sam-A and the other two a draw.




Two strong clinch and knee fighters where up next in Petboonchu FA Group and Thongchai Sitthongsak. Both fought hard for 5 rounds in the clinch, but Petboonchu’s strength and experience was the difference between the two and he took the points decision.



Before the two main fights Nattadet was introduced to the crowd and presented with gifts from several dignitaries and fellow promoters. Ask to give a speech to the crowd, Nattadet kept it short as the crowd were getting restless due to the heat inside the stadium from the huge number of people. Nattadet knelt down to salute the crowd and simply stated ‘It wasn’t a mistake to me, to be born into this Muaytha├» life’.


Now it was time for the two main attractions, first up was the return match between Somrak and Jomhod, with Somrak keen to atone for his loss on the Lumpini birthday show, where he ran out of gas in the fourth round. This time Somrak looked in far better shape and managed to soak up the pressure from Jomhod well, even coming back from a hard back kick and knee early on that looked like they took the wind out of him. Somrak showed flashes of the skills that made him such a big name in the past. The decision was clear cut by the end, with Somrak taking it 49-47 from all three ringside judges and taking a cool 6 million baht side bet between the two camps.




The main fight of the night saw Singdam Kiatmuu9 take on rising star Yodwicha Por Boonsit, wi both fighters having their sights on the Sportswriters of Thailand boxer of the year award. The action was close in the first three rounds, with both trading solid knees. Yodwicha didn’t give Singdam any time to set up his trademark heavy right kicks though and after a huge barrage of knees from Yodwicha near the end of the fourth Singdam looked a spent force. Singdam made a token gesture of trying to turn the fight around in the final round, but had little left and conceded defeat with a minute to go. After the fight Yodwicha received a special trophy and 100,000 baht bonus from Dr Pong Wisetpaitoon of CP foods, that was on offer to the winner of the fight.




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