Preview: Petwiset + Wanmitchai promotions 11-6-2014

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Following on from their joint venture last month in the big charity event. Ratchadamnern’s newest and youngest promoters have joined forces again to put together another strong line up, aiming to give the Muaythai scene a lift after long months of political troubles caused it to stagnate. The show is set for Wednesday the 11th of June.

1: Palangpon Petyindeeacademy vs Wanchai Ramboisarn

This sees the classy, technical, veteran, Palangpon up against the relentless clinch and knees of Wanchai.

2: Yokthong Pinsinchai vs Ruangdet Sakwichian

3: Pornsaneh Sitmonchai vs Detnarong Wor Suntharanon

Both fighters not as fresh as they were in an explosive clash between the fierce punching, hard low kicking Pornsaneh and the determined strong clinching Detnarong. Detnarong has already felt the force of Pornsaneh’s low kicks, with Pornsaneh stopping him in the third round 5 years ago at Lumpini stadium.

4: Superlek Wor Sangprapai vs Palangtip Nor Sripung

Two stylish young fighters up against each other. Superlek another young prodigy from Kiatmuu 9 camp up in Buriram. Palangtip a tricky, awkward opponent with dangerous elbows.

5: Kwankhao Mor Ratonabandit vs Khaimukkhao Sor Kiatniwat

This fight a rematch of a close disputed fight at Lumpini the previous month which saw Kwankhao take the Thailand title. Khaimukkhao produced a strong finish in the final round, that many thought should have seen him take the decision.

6: Sam-A Gaiyanghaadao vs Pettawee Sor Kittichai

Two veterans in action with the sharp, technical, strong kicking southpaw Sam-A against the tough relentless Pettawee.

7: Petmorakot Wor Sangprapai vs Petpanomrung Kiatmuu 9

The tall, strong clinching Petmorakot up against the sharp, stylish southpaw Petpanomrung. This will be the third time they have met with Petpanomrung winning the first encounter on another Petwiset + Wanmitchai promotion at Ratchadamnern last year and Petmorakot winning on points on a huge show in Songkhla Southern title in April this year.

8: Main event Petboonchu Borplaaboonchu vs Yodwicha Por Boonsit

This will be fight number 5 between the two strong clinch machines. Yodwicha winning the first two fights on points in very close fights. Petboonchu winning clearly on points at the first big show at the new Lumpini stadium and then their last fight another very close battle that was scored a draw on the big charity event last month at Ratchadamnern, If both fighters turn up in top shape, expect another war of attrition in the clinch in what will most likely be another very close fight.


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