Petwiset and Wanmitchai promotions start 2015 with a bang


Two of Ratchadamnern stadiums newest promotions teams Petwiset and Wanmitchai promotions have combined again and look to start 2015 in style with two back to back huge shows in January, featuring many of the sports star names.

The first show on the 22nd is the warm up for the 26th, but still sees several big names on the card:

1: Praewpraw Petyindeeacademy vs Chaowarit Natkinplaa 101 lbs

2: Achanai Petyindeeacademy vs YodET Portortor Kongtawee 109 lbs

3: Kwanpet Sor Suwannapakdee vs Nattapol Naachuekwithayakom 118 lbs

4: Wanchana Or Boonchuay vs Saksit Tor Piemsappadriew 119-120 lbs

5: Rungpet Gaiyanghaadao vs ET Portortor Kongtawee 126 lbs

6 :Palangpon Petyindeeacademy vs Thanadet Tor Pran 49 109-110 lbs

7: Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Nong-O Gaiyanghaadao 133 lbs

also after the main event there is a chance for young English prodigy Daniel Mcgowan to showcase his skills in front of a big crowd

8: Kongfark Sitjaroensap vs Daniel Petyindeeacademy 116-118 lbs

The 26th sees a bigger line up of stars:

1: Chaiyo Petyindeeacademy vs Yokthong pinsinchai 103.5 lbs

2: Sam-D Petyindeeacademy vs Wanchai Ramboisarn 108-109 lbs

3: Satharnmuanglek Numponthep vs Rungnarai Mor Ratonabandit 108-110 lbs

4: Superbon Teemuangloei vs Pe-Teng Kiatphontip 122 lbs

5: Superlek Mor Ratonabandit vs Saegthongnoi Tonsuranakon 127-129 lbs

6: Sam-A Gaiyanghaadao vs Detsakda Sitsongpeenong 123-125 lbs

7: Yodwicha Por Boonsit vs Singdam Kiatmuu 9 136-139 lbs

8: Petmorakot Wor Sangprapai vs Kwanhao Mor Ratonabandit 130 lbs




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