Preview: Lumpini Champions Kriekkrai 6-6-2014

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The 6th of June sees the latest installment of the Lumpini Champions Kriekkrai series, held every three months,pitching some of the sports biggest names against each other, with usually several titles up for grabs.

With this installment of the series put together by Kiatpet promotions, there is every chance the sport can be given a much needed boost after months of Political demonstrations have held the sport back somewhat.

1: Purnkol Leknakonsri vs Darpthevada Darppangnakonbarn

This fight pitches the tall, lean strong clinching Purnkol up against the stylish, technical Darpthevada

2: Pentai Singpatong vs Saknarinnoi Or Tuansuwan

This sees Pentai defend his Lumpini Flyweight title. A clash between the fierce punching, powerful Pentai and the tall, rangy, stylish Saknarinnoi

3: Jaoinsee Kiatjaroenchai vs Sing Pranchai

This rapidly becoming the most talked about fight on the card, due to the huge 4 million baht side bet riding on it. Talk is it could well go up at the weigh in, with Sing’s boss indicating he has more money to bet if Jaoinsee’s handlers can match it. The fight was originally due to take place last Friday, but was put back a week due to the high stakes involved, adding to the prestige of this event.

4: Ponakrit Sorjor Wichitpadriew vs Pet Or Pimolsri

Both fighters technically sound with a strong clinch game, Pet holding the edge slightly height wise.

5: Kengklar Por Pekko vs Kusakonnoi Sor Julasen

For the vacant Lumpini Superflyweight title, both similar in terms of build and technically sound, Kengklar probably the more aggressive of the two, with Kusakonnoi very much a sharp, evasive, counter fighter.

6: Kongsak Sitboonmee vs Penek Sitnumnoi

A clash of contrasting styles between the stylish, hard kicking Kongsak and the tall, strong clinch and knee style of Penek. Kongsak easily the more active of the two of late in the main stadiums, will Penek’s inactivity have any effect on the outcome?

7: Wanchalong PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Panpayak Jitmuangnon

Wanchalong the last person to beat Panpayak, just after his Sportswriters boxer of the year award win. The last time they fought at 115 lbs, this time at 116 lbs, with the one pound difference, possibly making things difficult for the shorter Wanchalong this time.

8: Main event Yodpanomrung Jitmuangnon vs Saketdao Petpayathai

Yodpanomrung granting Sagetdao a rematch after their recent close exciting fight. The last time Sagetdao gave Yodpanomrung a one pound weight advantage, this time both weighing in at 134 lbs with Sagetdao’s camp hoping the extra pound will give him the edge this time.

9: Suakim Sitsortortaew vs Chalongchai Kiatjaroenchai

Suakim defends his Lumpini Bantamweight title in this fight. Chalongchai holds a points win over Suakim in a recent match. This fight may be moved earlier on the card due to the title being at stake, depending on the weigh in, with both fighters finding it hard to make the 118 lb limit now, if they struggle at the morning weigh in it will probably stay the same so they have more time to recover.


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