Pumpanmuang + R airlines promotion 17-1-2015


Solid show set for this Tuesday and a prelude to the possibility of a new promoter at Lumpini stadium

This tuesday’s Pumpanmuang promotions show at Lumpini has been put together in conjunction with one of the Stadiums newest sponsors R Airlines and the card has been matched by former Olympic medalist Vichai Rachanon, owner of Rachanon gym, with a strong possibility that Rachanon will become a Lumpini promoter in the not too distant future.

The card has some strong match-ups such as Petnamngarn Sor Meeudon vs Design Rachanon, the heavy handed Pichitchai PKSaenchai Muaythai gym from onesongchai promotions vs Kusakonnoi Sor Junlasen and the main event featuring Muangthai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Panpet Kiatjaroenchai. The main event is a rematch from a recent fight that saw Panpet put up a strong fight early on, only to gas up later in the fight. This time he has been given a two pound weight advantage and weighs in 1.5 bs heavier, which should make for a close, exciting fight.

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