Ratchadamnern birthday show


Christmas eve sees the annual Ratchadamnern birthday show, with a strong card put together by Sor Sommai promotions.

1: Thanapet Tor Pran 49 vs Konkopdai Wor Wiwatananon  112 lbs Two rising stars, with Thanapet with some big name wins in recent fights such as Wanchai Ramboisarn and Satharnmuanglek Numpornthep

2: Petnamngarm Sor Meudon… vs Sonarai Sor Sommai 119 lbs

3: Saenwangchai JSP vs Pe-teng Kiatphontip 121 Saenwangchai coming on a long run of wins, sharp, technical southpaw, Pe-teng former WMC 105 lb champ strong, relentless clinch and knee game

4: E.T Portortor Kongtawee vs Kochasarn Wor Wiwatananon 126 lbs  E.T tall rangy clinch and knee fighter, Kochasarn a slick technical fighter.

5: Denpanom Rongriankilakhorat vs Chamuekthong Sor Yupinda 136 lbs Denpanom a solid all rounder Chamuekthong strong with his knees

6: Superlek Mor Ratonabandit vs Jompichit Sitsefboontham 126.5 Superlek strong, technical foghter. Jompichit used to fight more a s a walk forward clinch knee fighter back when Marpichit Sitsongpeenong , but become more of a technician since switching over to Chuwattana gym

7: PetU-thong Or Kwanmuang vs Yokwithaya Petseemuan 128-129 lbs PetU-thong slick, technical fighter with clinical elbows, Yokwithaya very strong in clinch and knee department.

8: Seksan Or Kwanmuang vs Sonkhom Nayoksanya 128-129 lbs This fight has potential to be fight of year, both hard hitting and aggressive and very tough, Songkhom vicious elbows and hard knees, Seksan puts venom into pretty much everything he throws

Main event Yodwicha Por Boonsit vs Saensatharn Sor Suradet 137-140 lbs a clinch war between two of the strongest clinch and knee fighters in the game.



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