Somrak show back on the road

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After Yodwanpadet Sor Junlasen’s recent win over Thanai Toy Eminent air on the 3rd of February, he pulled out all the stops to get a rematch with his old adversary, Thailand Olympic hero Somrak Khamsing. Originally Somrak proved reluctant to fight, but after more talks and a record purse offer, both parties came together and contracts were signed for the 2nd of April.

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The last time they met on October the 4th 2012 Somrak won by 3rd T.K.O with the Doctor calling a halt to the fight with Yodwanpadet cut and looking a spent force. This time the rules have changed significantly to even up the match between them, like in Yodwanpadet’s fight against Thanai Toy where Yodwanpadet was only allowed to use punches. This time it is reversed with Yodwanpadet using all the Muaythai weapons and Somrak only allowed to punch. Somrak is not allowed to lift his legs to block either, but is allowed to lock his arms around Yodwanpadet’s neck in the clinch and also turn him off balance. If Somrak breaks the rules once he would be warned a second time would result in an automatic loss. The last fight between them resulted in a sold out Ratchadamnern stadium and the dual promotions team of Wanmitchai and Petwiset promotions are gambling on a similar crowd and have put up the highest purse in the history of Muaythai for the fight, with Somrak receiving 500,000 baht and Yodwanpadet 200,000 baht. There is also a huge side bet riding on the outcome starting at 3,000,000 baht and likely to rise higher before fight time.

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