Somrak signs on the dotted line….

After his recent successful return saw a packed out Ratchadamnern stadium, there has been a lot of talk and rumors regarding the future for Somrak Khamsing and the Muaythai ring. Today a press conference was held to witness Somrak signing a six fight deal, starting with a fight on the prestigious Lumpini birthday show on December the 7th.

Since the October the 4th victory over Yodwanpadet there has been talk almost every day of Somrak fighting again, with several fighters calling him out and Somrak himself stating a desire to fight Muaythaï superstar Buakao Por Pramuk. Today’s press conference gave Somrak the opportunity to set the record straight regarding up coming fights.

The promoter of the October promotion Wanmitchai promotions headed by Mr Sumeth Suasattabongkot seeing the huge interest in Somrak returning have agreed to a 6 fight deal with Somrak earning 300,000 baht a fight and at today’s press conference gave Somrak a 30% deposit of 540,000 baht. Mr Sumeth stated that it won’t always be easy to cover the purse for Somrak’s fights in Lumpini and Ratchadamnern alone, but are also looking into the possibility of television rights so his fights can be seen across the country.

Somrak’s first opponent on his six fight deal will be another Muaythai fighter with Worldwide recognition Jomhod Kiatadisak at 68 kilos. With the fight set for the prestigious Lumpini birthday show on December the 7th and the fight due to have a side bet of 4,000,000 baht riding on it.

When asked about some of the names mentioned such as Khem, Nong-O, Singdam. Somrak stated he knows himself his physical shape now and whether he is ready for such challenges and stated that he would need a few more fights first at least. Mr Sumeth also said that Somrak has a huge reputation in Thailand as the first ever Olympic Gold medalist and they won’t rush him against such opposition until his results prove they would be even matches, not wanting to damage Somrak’s reputation or name.

Regarding the subject of Buakao, who’s name has cropped up several times regarding Somrak and his wish to fight him. Somrak stated he would like to thank Buakao for helping to spread Muaythaï worldwide. When asked if he thought he could beat Buakao, Somrak said that he isn’t afraid to lose as in the sport you have both a winner and a loser, he said that he has fought no less the 350 times in Muaythaï and had to stop at 19 as he had no opponents left to fight and in terms of the art of Muaythai feels he is second to none in technique. This Somrak feels would make him a lot tougher opponent than most of Buakao’s recent foreign opposition. Somrak also stated that he feels it would make history for the sport and would be a massive success if promoted and put on in Thailand, but with recent statements that Buakao most likely will only fight non Thais, putting it on will be likely next to impossible.

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