Sor Sommai Birthday show 11-9-2014

Sommai birthday

Another quality line up in Bangkok this month with Sor Sommai promotions putting together a huge card in honor of Sommai Sakunmettha’s birthday, the line up features fighters from Sor Sommai, Onesongchai and Chujaroenmuaythai promotions. Set for the 11th of September at Ratchadamnern stadium it looks sure to draw in a big crowd.

1: Pet Or Pimolsri vs Methi Sorjortoypadriew 118 lbs two former Ratchadamnern chapions starting the show off.

2: Kaewklar Sitphupantuu vs Trakunpet Sor Sommai 116 lbs

3: Surachai Srisuriyanyothin vs Rungpet Kiatjaroenchai 124 lbs

4: Saengmanee Sor Tienpho vs Petmorakot Teedet 99 126 lbs

5: Luknimit Singklongsee vs Lomtaley Sitso-ung 124 lbs

6: Songkhom Srisuriyanyothin vs Thananchai Tor Sangtiennoi 127 lbs

7: PetU-thong Or Kwanmuang vs Pettawee sor Kittichai 127 lbs

8: Saksan Or Kwanmuang vs Kongsak PKSaenchaimuaythai gym 132-130 lbs Kongsak giving Saeksan a two pound weight advantage, this the second time they have foi=ught, the first time as usual with Saeksan a real war, with Kongsak eventually wearing him down with his trademark left kick and winning on points.

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