Thaifight on Somrak and Pacquaio

Thai fight promotions issued a statement regarding the news coming out regarding Buakao Por pramuk fighting Somrak Khamsing and Manny Pacquiao yesterday.

Mr Noppparat Phuttaradommanee of Thaifight promotions stated that theyre has been interest from promoters in putting together a fight between Buakao and Somrak Khamsing. Namely Wirat Wachirawattanawong of petyindee boxing promotions, who has put up an offer of 1 million baht to cover Buakao’s purse. Mr Nopparat stated that Sport Art Limited the owners of Thaifight promotions hold the promotions rights to Buakao up until the 31 st of December and that he has already signed and committed to another year. Sport Art in its role as an advisory has told Buakao that they want him to continue to represent Thailand in promoting Muaythai around the world, as an ambassador for Muaythai as he is already a huge name worldwide in Muaythai. Sport Art have spoken with Buakao and agreed that he will not fight other Thai fighters only Foreign boxer and Thaifight stated that it was not best for Buakao’s image to take this fight whether he win or loses.

Regarding the news about Buakao fighting International boxing Superstar Manny Pacquiao on the 21st of December. Mr Nopparat stated that Sport Art in its capacity as Buakao’s promoter has had no contact from anyone regarding this fight, only finding out like everyone else from the news put out. He stated that it is very unlikely to take place, with Manny Pacquiao due to fight on the 8th of December and with Buakao expected to fight in the Thaifight final on the 16th of December, this would leave insufficient time to rest under the laws of the boxing board of control.

Source: Daily news.

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