Topking world series


Topking world series is a new concept coming soon with tournaments worldwide, starting in Belarus on the 13th of September. The brainchild of Topking CEO Narit Wongprasertkarn, will see 16 fighters from different nationalities face off in two initial shows with 8 fighters, the first in Belarus the second in France. After that there will be 8 fighters left and will compete on a show in China, with 4 fighters left the final show will most likely be in Thailand with the semi finals and final held in the same night.

The intial 16 fighters are Buakao Banchamek (Thailand), Andre Kulebin (Belarus), Eisa Almda Nezam (Iran), Warren Stevelmans (Netherlands), Khayal Dzhaniev (Ukraine), Zheng Chunyu (China), Marat Grigorian (Almenia), Enriko Kehl (Germany), Armen Petrosyan (Italy), Reece Mcallister (England), Crice Boussoukou (France), Hicham Chiabi (Morocco), Vladmir Konsky (Slovakia), Arman Hambaryan (Belgium) and Marcin Parcheta (Poland).

The show will feature a modified rules format, TK1 Rules, with the fighters allowed to grab and knee, but the knees must be strong knees through the middle, knees slapped into the sides wont score, this is to make the fights more fast paced and exciting. Elbows will also be allowed. The fights will be over 3×3, but the superfights on each card will possibly be of 4 rounds duration.

The grand prize for the eventual winner is set to be 5 million baht with 3 million for the runner up and 1 million for the third and fourth place fighters.

Each show will also feature several superfights outside of the tournament fights, although not fully confirmed yet, the France show is set to feature Andre Kulebin vs Jomthong Chuwattana and Pakon PKSaenchaimuaythai gym vs Dylan Salvador.

Each show will be broadcast live in Thailand on Channel 5, with other countries also possibly showing live and also, the likelihood of online betting outside of Thailand.



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