Wanmitchai promotions historic event

With the 4th of October show already causing a big buzz in the Muaythai community and outside, due to the return to the Muaythai ring of Olympic hero Somrak Khamsing. Wanmichai hosted a press conference today to showcase the full line up for the special show.

The showcase fight featuring Somrak Khamsing fighting under the gym name Tor Thepsuthin and Yodwanpadet Suwanwichit firing under the gym name Gaiyanghaadao, is now set to make history with the largest ever side bet on a fit, with the current bet set at 5,270,000 baht, with a possibility of it rising even further before the fight day on the 4th of October. A deposit has already been put up of 1,054,000 baht, which if any of the fighters pulls out will be given to the opposing party.

Both fighters have been training hard for the fight, with Somrak claiming at the press conference it is the hardest he has trained for a Muaythai fight ever. Some of his critics could point to his reputation for not being the hardest worker when it comes to preparing for fights, but after removing his shirt at the press conference to reveal a trim shape and clear six pack it is obvious he is taking the fight very seriously. Somrak has also been reported as saying he wants more fights after this, even asking for a fight with Thai superstar Buakao Por Pramuk, claiming he never fights strong opposition just foreigners that don’t have the same level of Muaythai as him.
Yodwanpadet at 51 years of age, has also been training hard, relocating to one of his former fighters camps in Phuket, Sinbi Muaythai to prepare fully. Yodwanpadet stated when interviewed that 51 is just a number and he feels a lot younger having never drunk alcohol or smoked and having worked out all his life.

The rest of the show features several big fights that should make the show one of if not the biggest gate at Ratchadamnern stadium this year.

Saenchai vs Singdam

The shows co-main event features Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym given the chance to avenge his loss to Singdam Kiatmuu9′ this time at an even weight of 132 pounds and looks to have a 900,000 baht side bet at stake on the fight.

Petboonchu vs Nong-O

Petboonchu Fa Group faces off against Nong-O Gaiyanghaadao gym, with Petboonchu coming into the fight on a strong run of form and looking to score a win against his old adversary.

The young prodigy and slick technician Petpanomrung Wor Sangprapai gets the chance to overturn an early loss to the strong clinching veteran Pokaew Fonjaengchonburi

Thong vs Tingthong

Thong PuiD9D faces Tingthong Chor Koiyuuhaisuzu in there third encounter.

Sittisak vs Thongchai

Sittisak Petpayathai faces the young up and coming Thongchai Sitthongsak

Two potential stars of tomorrow do battle in Petmuangchon Ekbangsai and Withayalek Jaroenthammarat

The-Lek vs Saengmorakot

The show opener sees one of the most aggressive, entertaining fighters in the sport today The-Lek Wor Sangprapai face the tough, aggressive clinch and knee fighter Saengmorakot Tor Manothammaraksa

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