Wanmitchai promotions brings back the crowds

Wanmitchai promotions huge show tonight saw the crowds flock back to Ratchadamnern stadium to watch the return of Olympic Hero Somrak Khamsing. The stadium ended up packed to the rafters with all sections having to stop letting people in before the show was half way through.

The idea for the show started with Somrak’s opponent Yodwanpadet Suwanwichit, casually mentioning to the promoter that a fight with him and Somrak would likely draw in a big crowd. The seed was sown and the promoter decided to take a chance, which paid off with the biggest crowd seen at Ratchadamnern stadium in years. The fight had the added draw of a record side bet of 5,770,000 baht at stake on it.

The show opener on paper looked explosive with the relentless Wanchai Ramboisarn up against the fierce punching Niwlukrak Eksindeekon gym. The fight didnt disappoint, with both going at it right from the opening bell. Niewlukrak showed his power in the fourth with a hard punch that sent Wanchai down for an 8 count. Wanchai showed possibly the biggest heart in the sport, with a big round in the fifth, but it wasn’t enough to overturn the knockdown and Niwlukrak took the win.

Next up on paper was another potential fight of the night, between The-Lek Wor Sangprapai and Saengmorakot Tor Manothammaraksa, but although there were a few exciting exchanges early on, it turned out to be a disappointment, with Saengmorakot looking too big and The-lek lacking his usual spark. Saengmorakot took a clear win at the end.

Next up saw the hard punching Yodkunpol Sitmonchai take on Palangtip Nor Sripung. Both put on an entertaining battle for the fans, but Palangtip proved to be a little too sharp and technical for Yodkunpol as he soaked up his hard punches and picked him off with explosive knees and kicks to take the decision.

Sittisak Petpayathai and Thongchai Sitthongsak put on a pulsating batle in the clinch next, with Sittisak looking sharp as he off balanced Thongchai and Thongchai showing a fierce determination and strength. Sittisak looked sharp going into the fourth, but it soon fell apart for him as Thongchai backed him in a corner and unleashed a hard barrage of knees, catching Sittisak in the face and then following in and dislocating his shoulder. Sittisak laid on the canvas writhing in agony as the referee called off the fight.

Petpanomrung Wor Sangprapai looked to over turn an earlier loss to Pokaew Fonjaengchonburi and this fight had 600,000 baht at stake. Petpanomrung fought the perfect fight in the opening three rounds, moving off the oncoming Pokaews knee attacks and picking him off with sharp kicks. in round four Pokaew managed to get his trademark lock around the neck of Petpanomrung and opened up with a barrage of knees. Another charge in the final round saw the veteran pull ahead and take the win.

Petboonchu FA Group faced Nong-O Gaiyanghaadao next and it looked like Nong-O may have got another KO win in the third as he shook Petboonchu badly with a hard elbow. Nong-O couldn’t finish the job though and Petboonchu’s relentless knee attacks slowly wore Nong-O down and saw Petboonchu finally get another win over Nong-O

Somrak vs Yodwanpadet

Now it was time for the bout that had drawn in the biggest crowd seen at Ratchadamnern stadium in years. A return to the golden era with two of the sports legendary fighters. The bout itself in all fairness was something of an anti climax, with Somrak looking in control from the opening round, when he landed with a fast spinning back elbow and then buckled the knees of Yodwanpadet with a fast high kick. Another spinning back elbow landed in round two and in round three a fast elbow from Somrak opened up a small cut on the left eyebrow of Yodwanpadet. The ringside doctor called off the fight, but Yodwanpadet already looked a spent force without the cut. As a showcase of Muaythai the fight didn’t quite live up to expectations, but in terms of drawing a crowd it more than exceeded them and if it goes someway to helping to bring Muaythai back to its former glory then it can be considered a success.

Somrak Khamsing

Saenchai vs Singdam

There was still the main event to come next, with Saenchai looking to avenge his recent loss, this time at an even weight of 133 pounds and with the added sweetener of a 900,000 baht side bet. Saenchai looked supremely confident in the opening round, but Singdam looked strong in round two as he picked of Saenchai with his trademark, heavy right kicks. Singdam carried on in the third with more hard right kicks, but got a little hasty towards the end of the round and rushed in allowing Saenchai to kick his legs from under him, putting Saenchai ahead. Singdam had to come forward now, but this played right into the hands of Saenchai as he picked off the on coming Singdam throughout the fourth with razor sharp kicks and counters. Towards the end of the round Saenchai started to put on a show for the crowd and you knew a win was on the cards. The final round was a formality, with Saenchai firing in jumping low kicks and push kicks and with a minute to go Singdam conceded defeat.



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