Ginsanglek vs Jatukarm

This was the main event on Onesongchai promotions 0n the 2nd of March and was widely billed as a match to decide the number one of the top young fighters coming through in the sport.

Ginsanglek Tor Laksong in the red corner fights out of Onesongchai promotions with Jatukarm Petrungruang fighting under Petsuphapaan promotions from Lumpini stadium, both fighters have been on a strong run of wins, with Jatukarm running out of opponents and Ginsanglek with few options to give him a close fight.  The show saw a big crowd turn up in anticipation of this match up and clash of styles between the relentless, fierce knee and elbow attacks of Ginsanglek and the slick countering style of Jatukarm that has seen him already compared with the legendary Samart Payakarun. Ginsanglek at 16 years of age is the younger of the two and slightly smaller, but his relentless aggression and work rate made it hard for the 20 year old Jatukarm right from the opening bell.

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