Kanokrat vs Rotnarong

Two former fighters made a return to the ring at Ratchadamnern stadium on Monday night and ut on a great battle for the fans, putting many younger fighters to shame.

Kanokrat Sor Tienpho (Por Muangubon) aged 36 came into the fight after beating Rotnarong on points in his hometown of Ubon Ratchathani a couple of months before.

Rotnarong Teedet99 (Daopadriew) aged 40 was the more experienced and famous of the two, holding the Ratchadamnern Bantamweight title in the past.

The fight had a 2,460,000 baht side bet riding on it and impressed the crowd so much there is talk of a third bout between the two being added to the prestigious Lumpini birthday show.

credit to Muaydee T sport for the upload.

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